UKTF instructors are certified and highly trained with many years of experience teaching martial arts.  Headed by Master Sheena Sutherland 8th degree, Master Michael Thompson 7th degree and Master Alexander Dunbar 7th degree, the instructors work hard to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the students. Our dedicated instructors will help each and everyone realize their full potential and achieve their personal martial arts goals.

Quality of Instruction

We present traditional martial arts using systematic and scientific methods in a fun, dynamic workout enviroment. Members will feel challenged, excited and relieved from stress after each and every class they take.

Variety of Programs

UKTF instructors and selected gyms offer a variety of programs ranging from ITF style Tae Kwon-do as taught by the founder General Hoi Hong Hi, programs for kids, Korean Kick boxing and Cardio Kickboxing. Selected  gyms also provide age specific programs and seminars on close quarter combat and weapon training etc;  Further details can be found on our GYM'S menu button.

Positive People and Positive Environment

We believe it is possible to practice martial arts to a high level and train our students to be tough without becoming callous or mean spirited. To accompany this, we also believe in instilling positive values. Good characteristics are essential for success in life and we want our students to be champions both in the ring and in life.

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your goal.

A black belt is not something you wear , A black belt is not something you earn , A black belt is something you become.

When you donít know what to say , say nothing.